Funding Consulting

We work with you to find out what your true funding goals are so we can connect you with your ideal funding sources.

Business Packaging

We also help package you and your company so that you are more lendable to your preferred banks, lenders, and creditors.

Financing Plan

We will help you create a strong financial plan to maintain your funding while procuring more funding so that your business can blossom.


To Getting You Approvals

We work with a variety of different lenders to get you the funding amounts and terms your are looking for. We sit down with you and plan your entire funding strategy from top to bottom so we can get you your ideal funding terms and timing.
  • Funding Documents
  • Pre-Underwriting
  • Business Capital Packaging
  • Funding Consultation
  • Funding Strategy
  • Business Brokering/Selling


We Will Help You Get Approved For

Business Loans

Need business capital to take care of your company’s operating expenses? Let us get you funded.

Commercial Loans

Construction loans can be very complicated. It’s important that you work with the right company.

Personal Loans

If you are just getting started with your business, getting a personal loan can position for success.

Auto Loans

Don’t let car dealers pile up inquires on your credit. We get you approved before you go into the dealership.

Lines of Credit

For emerging companies Lines of Credit can be the perfect type of funding. Allow us to help you get approved.

What We Specialize In

If you have a big project you need to be funded, then let's work together and get the deal closed so you can get the capital you need.

Our #1 priority is to not just get you approved but to get you approved with the large limits, monthly/ annual terms, and simplicity that you are looking for.

Large Funding Approval 97%
Ideal Payment Terms 86%
Speed of Funds Disbursed 70%

OUR Process

How It Works?

We have refined our process to make it as easy as possible for you to go from interested to funded.

Our goal is to make sure we fully understand you and your business so that we can provide you with the best capital resources ongoing. So we sit down and talk with you in-depth so we can fully understand your vision and create a strategy on how to make it happen.

  • Your Funding Requirements
  • Your Ideal Terms
  • Your Business Process
  • Funding Strategy Meeting

We put together a fully customized strategy to raise you as much capital as possible in a short amount of time. Our goal is to get you approved and paid faster than anywhere else.

  • Our Strategy Presentation
  • Your Lending Applications
  • Your Approvals
  • Round 1 of Funding

It’s of our highest priority to not only get you funded but work with you ongoing to raise more funds as well as strategize on how to keep up with your financing.

  • Round 2 of Funding
  • Round 3 of Funding
  • Round 4 of Funding
  • Round 5 of Funding
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Our Clients

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For some people, the word ‘entrepreneur’ automatically brings to mind Peter Jones and his ilk – those high flyers who set up and run more successful businesses than most of us could manage in several lifetimes. But in reality, an entrepreneur is anyone who chooses to go it alone and make the most of a business opportunity for themselves, no matter how big or small. Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is becoming a legitimate career choice for more and more people. Gone are the days when you had to have years of business experience under your belt before you might even consider taking the plunge with a startup of your own. Before getting down to the nuts and bolts of how to start a business, here’s a brief insight into why a selection of successful entrepreneurs decided to start their own business.